about day 11 (june 7th 2010)

a very nice last evening together!!! a bit of french wine and a last picture….. i am counting the days to meet up with the “real” bettina….. right now bettina is waiting for her driver to bring her to her next destination. buon viaggio!!! bacione!!!

about day 9 (june 5th 2010)

HOT !!!  the weather and bettina….. for the upcoming 48 hours i will have to survive without my precious guest. on the road for a few concerts….. carla will be joining me, so it’s in the gentle hands of my parents to look after bettina and mister fish. a few neighborhood children met bettina today. it all seemed absolutely normal to them. what a thin line between grown-ups arts and childrens playgrounds!!! and for me….. i am going to miss bettina sooooo much!!!

about day 8 (june 4th 2010)

after two weeks of spanish paellas, tortillas, sangrias and flans my parents came to visit bettina. they have dressed her “like all the spanish girls” they met “at the beach”: sexy!!! bettina was happy with her outfit because we had 28 degrees and a clear blue sky. life is a party!!!

about day 7 (june 3rd 2010)

nanette wanted a bit of rüdiger baldauf music to go along with her youtube clip. and i quote “because bettina seems to be that kind of a lady”….. you will see and hear the result asap. this evening bettina and i will have some quality time….. a fancy glass of red wine, some smooth jazz internet radio and candle light in the dark hours….. who needs football games?

message from nanette / 03-06-2010

Dear all,

It was very nice to meet Bettina at Carla and Hardy’s Hacienda. I like the project very much and I am glad to be a part of it.

I wish you good luck with the progress of the project and I am looking forward to the results!