“highly inspiring women”

We collect the thoughts of “highly inspiring women”.

The 12 portraits of diefrauen-thesewomen and their clothes are on an individual journey. They perform in the work environment of “highly inspiring women”. The portraits stay at least 1 week at her work environment and tell us what’s there. Comments are evoked. Stories originated by these women.

Each (portrait of a) woman goes through every event in a different way. Different reactions will be evoked. Histories will come into being around each one of them. Slowly but surely the journey will differentiate diefrauen-thesewomen. The interaction with the spectators provokes individualization. The “highly inspiring women” choose a portrait from the 12 portraits of diefrauen-thesewomen. There is just one condition: The “highly inspiring woman” puts her thoughts on the weblog of the portrait, as if it were the thoughts of the portrait itself.

This project is made possible by the TransArtForm – foundation for public art. We only ask a fee for the actual transportation costs (total max. 400 euro’s). The initiators do not charge fees and work in their private time for this initiative.

With this project, we believe new thoughts and perspectives will be evoked, in which art works as a catalyst. We hope to evoke sustainable change.

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